Heidi Johnson, CPNP

Heidi Johnson, CPNP

Local health professionals are a growing need. Getting the same professional at each office visit is often rare. Finding a local, caring health practitioner that makes house calls is a dream. But, on Capitol Hill, it is also a reality with Heidi Johnson and her in-home visits.  Heidi is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with 15 years of experience treating children in the primary care setting.

Your children between birth and college can have Heidi visit, diagnose and if needed provide a prescription—then and there—saving you time and money. She can even do some testing for common ailments. Really.

To find out more about Heidi Johnson and her services, click on the links provided on this web site, or contact Heidi @ 202.306.5862.

Heidi is featured in Marquette Magazine, Spring 2011. To download a PDF of the article select this link. To read the entire article select this link.

Heidi Johnson, Kiplinger's March 2010

Heidi Johnson is the cover story of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, March 2010. To download a PDF of the article select this link. To read the entire Kiplingers.com article select this link.




* All patient information and treatment is kept strictly confidential. I do not collect social security numbers or hold credit card information. I shred paper records after I scan them and I store them electronically. If you any questions or concerns regarding confidentiality, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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